How do I exclude criteria from my search?

How do I get more relevant results for my search?

Can I manually specify which field I want to search in?

What is an IPC and why is it important to my search?

What is a CPC and why is it important to my search?

How can I find a specific classification code?

Stemming and Wildcards

Search History

How do I save my search or set an alarm?


What information is visible in the patent results Analyze Overview?

Keyboard Shortcuts - Patent Detail

How can I tell if a patent has been granted?

How do I view alert results?


What is the difference between Assignee and Current Assignee?

Why are some patents missing Publication/Application Dates?

What do the numbers in brackets represent on the "Top IPC" chart?

Patent Information


How to Read a Patent PDF

IP Glossary

Inventors and Assignees

Kind Codes - What do they mean?

What are the different classification codes?

What are priority dates?

What Is the Main IPC or Main CPC?   

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